TOHOKY UNIVERSITY Intercultural Co-learning Class 国際共修クラス


Hints for creating/ conducting Intercultural Collaborative Learning successfully

There are several points to keep in mind during all stages of Intercultural Collaborative Learning, or ICL, classes and activities. Below are questions which instructors should ask themselves before, during, and at the conclusion of ICL. Instructors should make sure that they consider these issues when planning, or thinking about improvements to, future classes.


①Class Goals

  • Will international perspectives and intercultural understanding be incorporated into the class overall or a part of the class?
  • Does the class guarantee learning opportunities in which Japanese and international students learn together through discussions or collaboration, and if so, has time been set aside to explain the significance of these?

②Learner Goals (Learning Objectives)

  • Do the learning objectives include the expansion of the participants’ perspectives to an international, or global, scale?
  • Do the learning objectives include the reevaluation of the participants’ own cultures and formation of new values through the understanding and acceptance of different ways of thinking, value systems, and approaches?
  • Do the learning objectives include increasing the participants’ understanding of other cultures and cultural communication skills?

③Class Administration

  • Does the syllabus clearly indicate the primary language that will be used in class?
  • Does the class incorporate assignments that can only be completed through collaboration between international and Japanese students?
  • Does the class incorporate assignments that equally and fairly draw on the knowledge and qualifications of both international and Japanese students as learning resources?
  • Have you specified class rules for the utilization of cultural/ linguistic diversity?
  • Have you taken into account differences in language proficiency among the students?


  • Have you designed assignments and grading criteria to evaluate Japanese and international students equally?
  • Have you indicated how interactions between students in class relate to the achievement of learning outcomes?
  • Have you clearly indicated how language proficiency will affect the students’ grades?