TOHOKY UNIVERSITY Intercultural Co-learning Class 国際共修クラス


ICL-Channels Website is Now OPEN!

What is ICL-Channels?

Intercultural Collaborative Learning, or ICL for short, aims to foster mutual understanding among students from different linguistic and cultural backgrounds. You can expect to mature as a person by acquiring a broader world view, critical thinking, and self-confidence through collaboration in ICL courses where you learn different ways to communicate and manage problems from others.

“ICL-Channels” is a project in which the participating universities develop ICL education by utilizing online materials. The project was adopted in 2021 by “The Top Global University Project” as an international education scheme specialised in online courses, entitled “Acceleration of Internationalization at Home through the Development of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Networks.” With Tohoku University as the administrator, ICL-Channels aims to construct a new ICL model through collaboration within the consortium.

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ICL-Channels website


ICL-Channels website