TOHOKY UNIVERSITY Intercultural Co-learning Class 国際共修クラス


ICL Supporters Kick-off Meeting

ICL supporters kick-off meeting was held on March 23rd, 2022, from 14:00 to 15:00. The purposes of this meeting were to share understandings of co-education, to facilitate being ICL supporters, and to foster team-building among seniors and new supporters.

The content of the meeting was composed of the following sections:

  1. Words from Yonezawa sensei and Itabashi san
  2. Self introduction
  3. Explanation of roles as international supporters
  4. Future activities
  5. Communication means

Once welcome words were over, individual introduction started from seniors.

This session acted as an icebreaker in which followed by designating another person once finished his or her introduction.

Then, status and roles as an ICL supporter took place, pointing out appropriate attitudes as a staff and acknowledging the supporter as a staff rather than an individual student.

At the end, specific roles as a supporter, such as writing articles, SNS managers, staff for events related to ICL, were explained and recruited.

Throughout the meeting, new members were able to associate with seniors and further understand their roles as ICL supporters. By the end, new communication mean, Slack, were introduced and new roles were assigned.

As a new ICL supporter, I was able to learn different role in ICL community, which I was unfamiliar with before this meeting. Moreover, it was an opportunity for me to get to know other seniors and new supporters even during pandemic period through online meeting. What personally impressed me was that the connections between not only students and supporters, but also among supporters would be supplemented with online events and SNS continuously. Working as a new member, I expect myself to further understand internationalization and learn various skills from supporting activities.

Author: Koo Sera