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Izumi Parktown Service Co. Ltd

Izumi Parktown Service Co. Ltd

About Us

The management of an ideal residential city in Tohoku, “Izumi-Parktown”

Izumi Parktown is a company within Mitsubishi Estate Group. It carries out integrated town management for “Izumi Parktown,” in Sendai City’s Izumi Ward, which is one of the high-end residential areas in the Tohoku region. The company has inclusively developed and maintained Izumi Parktown, including the real estate trade, gardening, facilities management, landscape maintenance, housing renovation, and organizing recreational activities for residents. The residents’ commitment to self-government and shared high ethical standards are remarkable. For instance, they actively engage in volunteer cleaning activities. In addition, Izumi Parktown is one of the most globalized areas in Sendai. The number of foreign residents in the area is on the rise, and kindergartens in the area offer advanced English education.


NAGATA, Naotoshi / Chief Executive Officer



Provide various services to community development

Their mission is to realize a truly valuable society through the earth-friendly creation of one of the most attractive towns in the region. The landscape maintenance and community establishment are promoted together with the residents, based on the philosophy of “civil license.” The company provides various services to maintain harmony between the beautiful scenery and the high standard of living. Trying to be the most reliable partner for residents, they manage communities where residents can comfortably live, work, study, and pursue happiness.


Image of Ideal Candidates

Willingness to face challenges and ambition

There are currently 332 foreign residents in Izumi Parktown, and the number is increasing. The company is trying to promote diversity and considering developing services for foreign residents following the situation. They also aim to reform existing businesses, create new services, and revitalize the company through new perspectives and ideas. Therefore, the following competencies are required for employees: honesty, integrity, leadership, and resilience against difficulties. The company especially wants those who love a challenge without fearing failures and strongly wish to improve themselves. Although knowledge and experience in information technology and town-management will be a strength, what they see as the core of their human resources is diversity and resourcefulness.


We welcome employees who are passionate about Izumi-Parktown’s progress.

Foreign employees are expected to have a significant role in not only offering better services for the increasing number of foreign residents in our diversified society, but also providing new business insights from a fresh perspective and energizing the company. We intend to actively recruit foreign employees in the future and establish a comprehensive support system for every worker, both inside and outside of work. It is our policy to create a diverse and resilient organization where everyone can display their individuality and be passionate about their work. As for the difference in cultural background and language, we will to the best of our efforts provide a safe and fair workplace for foreign employees. We promise, at the same time, to evaluate both domestic and foreign employees on equal criteria. We look for ambitious employees who desire to grow Izumi Parktown together with Japanese workers.

OZAWA, Yuji / Deputy Section Chief, Section of Corporate Planning,
Department of General Affairs


International students would like to know

What is the attraction of working here?

You can enjoy a “glocal” role as a member of the Mitsubishi Estate Group. We promote personnel exchange among the group companies. Since we are developing a wide range of businesses, you are expected to have various experiences while enhancing your expertise. Moreover, we prioritize improving your health, which is the source of the company’s vitality. We offer the “Office Okan-bin (home-cooking delivery)” as one specific example of this, and provide side dishes in the office refrigerator for employees so they can have a well-balanced lunch. In addition, we aim to achieve better health management in both the employment system and organizational structure.


What is your future business?

We are passionate about accelerating town management by introducing advanced technologies for low-carbon and recycling-oriented society based on a system for realizing a smart city. In response to the declining birthrate and aging population, we are developing measures aimed at the younger generation, such as providing renovated housing and enhancing services that will help solve social issues, in cooperation with many partner companies. We are, what is more, promoting environmental conservation activities throughout the company. We have converted part of the office electricity to green power and are currently considering reusing of tree trimmings, like branches and leaves, in the town for biomass power generation. It is our central goal to implement all possible solutions to realize a sustainable city.



NOUCHI, Kensuke (Tohoku University)

I could see the interviewee’s pride in their business. They are considerate of the residents of Parktown and hold many events for them to make the community closer. They also consider the health of employees. The office has rooms for taking naps which I find so fascinating! For me, the company’s vision of turning the town into a smart city sounds so interesting. The possibility of their business is infinite. It is exciting to imagine the future ideal town, isn’t it?



TOKUMITSU, Seita(Tohoku University)

One thing that surprised me was the CEO’s confidence towards their services and office environment. The CEO had strong confidence in their services, and I was able to feel not only strong leadership but also their motivation to make Izumi Parktown a better place. Also, I felt that the company thinks a lot about their employees through the provision of nutritious food and relaxing spaces in their office. I felt this would be the best place for employees with high motivation.



MITSUMORI, Manaka (Tohoku University)

What impressed me most about the interview was that the CEO is actively considering accepting foreign employees so that they could not only manage diversity in Parktown but also promote synergy within the company. Also, I was surprised to hear that there was a lot of advanced and unique support for employees such as recreational activities and inviting family members to the office. I thought such an environment would make it possible to work very comfortably.



KENHI, Chen (Tohoku University)

I think the atmosphere of Izumi Parktown is a little different from other areas in Japan. It is cleaner and houses in this area are far away from main roads, so you will find it comfortable to live there. The success of this area is attributed to Izumi Parktown Service. They have contributed to the construction of this area for more than 40 years. I can feel their enthusiasm for their work, and it seems that they are ready for the next challenge.



MINATO, Junna (Tohoku University)

Izumi Parktown Service, a member of the Mitsubishi Estate Group, is expected to keep bringing people pleasant surprises with its diversified partner enterprises. You can take on new challenges and grow with the town and residents there.