TOHOKY UNIVERSITY Intercultural Co-learning Class 国際共修クラス

日本語 Co., Ltd. Co., Ltd.

About Us

Working Together with Talented and Active Personnel is a company that focuses on the development of websites, software, and other systems, as well as on cyber security, also known as “white hat hacking.” In particular, with regard to the cyber security business, the company conducts security surveys, monitoring, and operations for customers in Japan. The company has an office in the center of Sendai City and has 36 employees (as of July 2020). The company accepts 5-10 employees every year, and actively recruits students who have acquired specialized knowledge at Tohoku University and other universities.





Looking to the World

It is possible to say that Japan is behind the world competitors in the field of IT. Thus, aims to actively work on its cybersecurity businesses with talented international human resources and to acquire global competitiveness in IT. They consider developing human resources to be part of their business. In future years, they are looking to establish schools for developing human resources for IT in cooperation with the government. Furthermore, they are looking ahead to pave a pathway to the future of IT in Japan and the world.


Image of Ideal Candidates

Employees who Enjoy Taking on Challenges is looking for employees, both Japanese and international, who can find enjoyment in their work and who have the mindset to take on any challenges that come their way. They are also looking for people who can find a way to communicate with others, regardless of language barriers. In this company, many different languages are spoken, so being able to keep up is essential. Taking the initiative to teach their own language to other employees is a plus.



Find the Fun in your Work!

Mr. Takahashi, the CEO of, and Mr. Chin, an employee, both said that they want potential employees to find a place in Japan where they can enjoy their work. “Enjoying their work” does not mean just having fun doing assigned work, but rather taking the initiative to solve problems by working on projects that they are personally interested in. has a working environment where international students can really utilize their own strengths in IT and programming, as well as other areas such as management. He said that this is one way to think about a job based on your major and what you want to do.


International students would like to know

Advantages of Hiring International Employees

According to the CEO, Mr. Takahashi, there is a big advantage to hiring international staff because by having diverse backgrounds, they can share various opinions and explain different points of view. Collaborating using diverse ideas can help the company grow and expand its business. Mr. Takahashi hopes that, by incorporating the unique insights of international employees, Japan can improve its continued slow economic growth.


Effects of COVID-19

COVID-19 has impacted’s recruitment of international employees. Two workers from abroad, who had been offered jobs at, were finally able to come to Japan this fall after the state of emergency had ended. However, they had to self-quarantine for 14 days after entering Japan. Currently, COVID-19 is still spreading worldwide, so Mr. Takahashi fears that under such circumstances, it will be difficult to recruit international employees.



HOSHINO, Suzuka (Tohoku University)

I was impressed by how tolerates other cultures when I visited this company. At this company, employees came from various countries such as Taiwan and Malaysia. Moreover, they sometimes speak not only English but also Chinese during their work as the majority of the team members speak Chinese. They sometimes face difficulties because of the difference of cultures among the employees. However, they accept the difference and teach business manners in Japan. I think all employees accept people from various countries and different cultures widely, so is a truly global company.



WATANABE, Yayoi (Tohoku University)

When I visited the company, I felt that it was a company that seemed easy to work for. This is because the office was surrounded by an open atmosphere. I also interviewed Mr. Takahashi, the CEO of the company, and was able to see his friendly personality. For me, the satisfaction Mr. Chin, an international employee, took in his work was also impressive. I felt that puts employees first and is trying to break through the slump in the Japanese economy by actively utilizing international human resources.



HIMURA, Motohiko (Tohoku University)

Looking back at the interview, what impressed me the most was the conversation between Mr. Takahashi and Mr. Chin. Mr. Takahashi often helped Mr. Chin to answer by paraphrasing our questions and bringing up some of the past episodes. Mr. Chin, on the other hand, replied to Mr.Takahashi so friendly that I thought there was no concept of hierarchical relationship. As the interview neared the end, I think I felt Mr. Takahashi’s philosophy of being tolerant to other members of the company.



CHICO, Sayumi (Tohoku University Graduate School of International Cultural Studies)

During our interview with, I noticed the calm and relaxed atmosphere, where new workers and superiors can talk freely and naturally. I think that international graduates from universities in and around Miyagi, especially those who are excited to try new things, can enjoy working at Their office is in a prime location in the center of Sendai, which is a great plus!