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SENGOKU Yu ”Global Communication”

Course information

1. Lecture Subject Global Communication

2. Lecture Title Global Communication
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor SENGOKU Yu
6. Term/Day/Period Second Semester/ Monday/ Fifth Period (16:20 - 17:50)
7. Language of Instruction Japanese
8. Class Outline, Objectives After understanding the background of globalization in various fields, students will learn how globalization will develop in the future and what kind of human resources will be required in this context. The first half of the course focuses on the theme of "studying abroad = learning away from one's own country," while the second half focuses on the theme of "careers abroad = working away from one's own country.” There will also be lectures by outside speakers with practical experience in the field who will provide useful topics for the final project of each unit.
9. Class Schedule Class 1: Guidance
Class 2: How do students move around the world?
Class 3: Guest speaker (students registered for the Global Core Human Resource Development Course)
Class 4: Guest speaker (related to language exams)
Class 5: Group work for the unit's final assignment (1)
Class 6: Group work for the unit's final assignment (2)
Class 7: Presentations and discussions
Class 8: Guest speaker (Nikkei living in South America)
Class 9: Connecting cross-cultural experiences to learning and growth
Class 10: Guest speaker (businessperson living in the United States)
Class 11: Guest speaker (on-site development consulting employee in Africa)
Class 12: Group work for the unit's final assignment (1)
Class 13: Group work for the unit's final assignment (2)
Class 14: Presentations and discussions
Class 15: Summary, course survey (in the final 15 minutes)
10. Evaluation/Assignments Group work products (30 points)
Contribution to group work and discussion (30 points)
Mini-essay in each class (30 points)
Mini-report on one topic covered in class (10 points)
11. Textbooks None
12. Out of Class Study Each student (or group) will prepare for the group work by researching the literature and websites on the Internet on the assigned topic. After the group work, each student is required to write a mini-essay in class. [2 credits] At least 60 hours of outside study is required.
13. Notes on Enrolling If you are instructed to prepare for group work, you are expected to do sufficient quality and quantity study before coming to class. Arriving more than 20 minutes late to class will be considered an absence.
14. Syllabus URL Global Communication
15. ICL Enrollment Limit No Limitation
16. Language Requirements The student should be able to understand and discuss the contents of the class in Japanese.
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 50%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees) None
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