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NAGATA Hirokazu “Global Human Resources (What is glocal mind?)”

Course information

1. Class Subject Global Human Resources (What is glocal mind?)
2. Class Title Etc. Global Human Resources (What is glocal mind?)
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor Hirokazu NAGATA
6. Term/Day/Period SecondSemester/ Friday/ Fourth Period (14:40-16:10)
7. Language Japanese
8. Class Outline, Objectives This course aims to provide opportunities for students to learn about cases of global environments in industry, academia, and local government in Nagano Prefecture through lectures. Additionally, we will discuss research issues for Global and Local Human Resource Management. Through lectures, we will be able to learn how people can work together beyond borders and boundaries in the age of globalization. Moreover, we highlight the diversity and inclusion(D&I) in global and local business.
9. Class Schedule This course consists of group discussion, lectures, and group work. Related materials are provided prior to the sessions so that students can actively participate in discussions. Basically, the course uses the 4 period (14:40 pm-16:10pm) of Fridays, JST. The schedule and contents are subject to change.

Week 1-2: Introduction
Week 3-5: Understanding International Human Resource Management and D&I(diversity and inclusion) in global and local business
【Collaborative learning】
Week 6-9
【Learn from practice】
Week 10- 12: Guest speakers
【Group project】
Week 13-15: Final presentation and reflection of the course
Note: The schedule is subject to change.
10. Evaluation/Assignments ・Report about classes and discussion: 70%
・Group Project: 30%

Grades for the course will be assigned as follows:
S: Excellent (90-100 points)
A: Good (80-89 points)
B: Fair (70-79 points)
C: Passing (60-69 points)
D: Fail (59 points and below)
11. Textbooks None
12. Out of Class Study 60 Hours
13. Notes on Enrolling This class includes many interactive exercises. Students who wish to take this course must attend the first class.
14. Syllabus URL Global Human Resources (What is glocal mind?)
15. ICL Enrollment Limit Accept up to 3 students per university
16. Language Requirements Must be able to take classes in Japanese
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 50%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees)
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