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KONDO Sachihiko “Media and Communications in Japan”

Course information

1. Class Subject Media and Communications in Japan
2. Class Title Etc. Media and Communications in Japan
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor KONDO Sachihiko
6. Term/Day/Period Fall&Winter Wednesday 3 (13:30 - 15:00)
7. Language English
8. Class Outline, Objectives This lecture is designed for students who wish to study critical readings on news stories (i.e. media literacy). In this series of lectures, not only theories of communication, but also the history of mass media in modern Japanese society will be discussed. In so doing, several aspects of the mass media will be studied, such as newspapers, broadcast (TV), magazine journalism, and so on.
9. Class Schedule 1.Introduction
2.Theoretical Reviews 1
3.Theoretical Reviews 2
4.Japanese Media information cartel
6.Making News Web of Factualities
7.Banal Nationalism
8.Invention of Traditions
9.News about Emperorship
10.Japanese Media (Ownership)
11.News Paper Industry and Shoriki
12.Broadcasters and Agents
14.Reviewing Entire Lecture
10. Evaluation/Assignments Contribution to the Class Discussion:30% Final Paper:50% Class Discussion Report (Attendance Sheet):20%
11. Textbooks Handout of each lectures are available on CLE (Class Supporting System)
12. Out of Class Study Handouts and Video Materials of each lectures are available on CLE.
13. Notes on Enrolling
14. Syllabus URL Media and Communications in Japan
15. ICL Enrollment Limit Up to 2 ICL students from each university
16. Language Requirements
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 100%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees)
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