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LEE Shin Ae “Aspects of Contemporary Japan 2”

Course information

1. Class Subject Aspects of Contemporary Japan 2
2. Class Title Etc. Understanding Japan’s foreign and security policy: From passive peaceful state to Proactive Contribution to Peace
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years 1-4
5. Instructor LEE Shin Ae
6. Term/Day/Period Second Semester/ Wednesday/ 5th Period (16:00-17:30)
7. Language English
8. Class Outline, Objectives This course is designed to upgrade student’s overall understanding about Japan’s foreign and security policy by focusing on Japan’s changing pacifism. Starting from a historical overview of postwar recovery in light of the Yoshida doctrine, this course will introduce the key issues and debates regarding Japan’s evolving foreign and security policy in general. The lecturer will touch upon Japan’s recent national security strategy under the banner of Proactive Contribution to Peace and Free and Open Indo Pacific. In addition, this course will discuss the shift in Japan’s pacifism and its implications for the regional security nexus.
9. Class Schedule 1. Introduction
2. The Yoshida doctrine
3. The US-Japan Security Treaty in 1960
4.Japan's public diplomacy
5.Japan's ODA to ASEAN
6.The first Gulf war and Japan's PKO
7. Guest lecture (TBD)
8. The Asian financial crisis and East Asian regionalism
9. Japan and the two Koreas
10.Japan's response to the Global War on Terrorism
11.Japan and the rise of China
12.Japan's security and diplomacy under the Democratic Party of Japan
13.Abe's doctrine: Proactive contribution to Peace
14.Film Discussion
15.Wrap up
10. Evaluation/Assignments Class participation: 20%
Group presentation: 40%
Final essay: 40%
11. Textbooks Reading materials will be uploaded on TUFS Moodle.
12. Out of Class Study 60hr
13. Notes on Enrolling Students are expected to read the assigned materials before class to actively engage with the lessons subjects.
And please mute yourself if you are not talking. If at all possible, participate with your camera on to enable smoother interactions.
14. Syllabus URL Aspects of Contemporary Japan 2
15. ICL Enrollment Limit 5
16. Language Requirements This course encourages students to cope with lectures, class activities and assignments in English.
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities Details about Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities will be delivered during the class.
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees) Students taking this course are not expected to speak Japanese or have prior knowledge about Japanese politics. However, all students are required to compose a group that consists of less than four students. Each group is expected to make one presentation and lead discussion during the course . Also, students are required to submit a final report. The details will be announced during the first class.
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