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McMICHAEL William DY “Understanding Post-disaster Fukushima”

Course information

1. Class Subject Understanding Post-Disaster Fukushima
2. Class Title Etc. Understanding Post-disaster Fukushima

3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor William DY McMichael
6. Term/Day/Period Second Semester‧Monday‧5th period (16:20-17:50)
7. Language Requirements English
8. Class Outline, Objectives This class is intended for students who want to acquire the skills needed for accurately communicating in English the challenges and lessons learned from Fukushima following the Great East Japan Earthquake and Nuclear Accident.This year's class will analyze facts about Fukushima that are often misunderstood both domestically and internationally, with a specific focus onthe treated water issue. It will also observe and analyze actual examples of reputational damage in the past, and help students acquire the knowledgeand skills for better understanding what factors are behind such information disasters, and how to communicate scientific facts with high reliability. In addition, through ICL work, this term’s class will jointly plan an online information dissemination event to be held at the end of the semester, with the aim of building global momentum towards bringing an end to the information disaster and reputation damage in Fukushima.
9. Class Schedule 1) Introduction to the class, overview of class goals and rules
2) Outline and basic perspectives of the current situation in Fukushima
3) Basic knowledge of nuclear energy and terminology
4) Japanese government's approach to revitalization (Guest speaker:
5) Image of Fukushima around the world and information disaster
6) Reputational damage at home and abroad
7) FUKUSHIMA, as reported by foreign media (Guest Speaker: KUREAB)
8) Review of past information dissemination projects and challenges
9) A Tale of Two Accidents: Fukushima and Chernobyl
10) Lecture by ICL Member University 1 (content to be determined)
11) Lecture by ICL Member University 2 (contents to be determined)
12) Lecture by ICL Member University 3 (content to be determined)
13) Lecture by ICL Member University 4 (content to be determined)
14) What we can do to disseminate information (finalizing online eventplanning)
15) What we can do to disseminate information (presentation of online eventplanning)
10. Evaluation/Assignments Mid-term Test 30%
Presentation 30%
Weekly Assignments 40%
11. Textbooks
12. Out of Class Study During joint projects, students are required to spend time outside of class for activities such as meeting outside of class and confirming itineraries using Discord.
13. Notes on Enrolling
14. Syllabus URL Understanding Post-disaster Fukushima
15. ICL Enrollment Limit Approximately 25 students
16. Language Requirements A minimum of B1 Level of English is reccommended

17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 50%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees) In this class, Discord, Spatial Chat, and other online tools will be used to facilitate effective group communication. Please familiarize yourself with these tools before the class starts.

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