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SATO Tomonori ”International Understanding and Multi-cultural co-livingⅡ”

Course information

1. Lecture Subject International Understanding and Multi-cultural co-livingⅡ

2. Lecture Title International Understanding and Multi-cultural co-livingⅡ
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor SATO Tomonori
6. Term/Day/Period Second Semester/ Tuesday 5th (16:20 - 17:50)
7. Language of Instruction Japanese
8. Class Outline, Objectives The goal of this class is
①Mainly to learn about multicultural conviviality in Japan, to deepen awareness, and to be able to take actual action. : 65%.
②To understand and recognize the diverse situations, ideas, and problems in the world, and to think about the meaning of living among many people, countries, and cultures in the world as a human being. 35%
9. Class Schedule 1. Guidance/ Basics of Multicultural Conviviality
2. Effective Self-Introduction/ Multiculturalism (1) Ishinogumi
3. Japanese Language for Foreigners 
4. Multicultural Conviviality 2. People of foreign origin near you  
5. What is LGBTQ+?
6. Unmarried Society  
7. Multicultural Conviviality 3. Nationality and Identity
8. Language
9. Modern and Contemporary Historical Awareness
10. "Reading" and Foreign Relations 
11. Multicultural Conviviality ④ Language Policy for People of Foreign Origin
12. Peace and Happiness in Myanmar and Afghanistan
13 & 14 Consecutive. Multiculturalism ⑤ What is necessary for happy coexistence with immigrants?
15. Multicultural Conviviality ⑥ What will Japan be like in 2050?
10. Evaluation/Assignments Ⅰ. Regular assignment: 20%
Ⅱ. Three important assignments: 20%.
Ⅲ. Percentage of quizzes taken in LMS system: 20%.
Ⅳ. Quality of final assignment: 30%.
Ⅴ. Positive attitude in class: 10%
11. Textbooks Najima, Yoshinao et al "10代からの批判的思考 -社会を変える9つのヒント" Akashi Shoten
12. Out of Class Study 20%
13. Notes on Enrolling  I expect you to listen to what others in your group have to say, and to use that as the basis for a strong presentation of your own information and opinions. I will not allow you to sit idly at the discussion table without speaking up.
 Groups will rotate twice (3 groups total). Please do not arrive late or be absent, as this will be disruptive to the group members.
14. Syllabus URL International Understanding and Multi-cultural co-livingⅡ
15. ICL Enrollment Limit 10
16. Language Requirements Able to engage in daily conversation in Japanese
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 100%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees) Only groups with ICL students will have Zoom connections. Students in other groups can talk freely face to face, which makes a difference. Please make sure to provide your own information and present your opinions so that Shinshu University students in the ICL group will have a good learning experience.
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