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WATABE Yuki “Japanese Universities and Students”

Course information

1. Lecture Subject Special Topics on Global Issues
2. Lecture Title Japanese Universities and Students (English)
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor WATABE Yuki
6. Term/Day/Period 2nd Semester / Tuesday / 5th Period
7. Language of Instruction English
8. Class Outline, Objectives This course aims to explore the issues of universities and students in the process of globalization by examining the case of Japan. Thecourse is designed to encourage students to develop constructive views on the issues and draw comparisons between educationalpractices of university systems and attitudes and behaviors of university students in Japan and their home country.
The three learning objectives of this course are:
1. Understand the issues tied to globalization and how these issues may impact universities and their students in Japan, your homecountry, and other countries
2. Learn about the perspectives held by those living and working outside your home country and of the impact their views have on highereducation
3. Conduct group projects and present major findings to the class
To achieve those learning objectives, different types of learning activities will be employed, including lectures, guest speakers, discussions,and interviews.
9. Class Schedule Week 1 Orientation @ Zoom
   The Zoom URL will be posted on Google Classroom.

Week 2-3 Higher Education System in Japan
Week 4 University Students (1): Academic engagement and performance
Week 5 University Students (2): Career perspectives
Week 6 Globalization and Higher Education System (1): Higher Education and SDGs
Week 7 Globalization and Higher Education System (2): Internationalization of Japanese universities
Week 8 Globalization and Higher Education System (3): Development of global human resource/global talent and international student mobility
Week 9 Globalization and Higher Education System (4): English as a lingua franca
Week 10 Globalization and Higher Education Systems (5): Cost sharing and accessibility in higher education
Week 11-15 Group Project Presentation and Discussion
10. Evaluation/Assignments Final grades will be determined as follows:

40% Attendance and class participation
30% Two (2) short essays
30% Group Project

All assignments must be completed to pass the course. More than four (4) absences will result in a fail (F) for the class. Two (2) late arrivals (more than 20 minutes late) equal one (1) absence.
11. Textbooks
12. Out of Class Study Students are required to prepare for
and review classes according to the goal and contents of each class.
A list of required reading for each class will be provided in the first class. You can obtain the articles and book chapters in the list through Tohoku University Library Online Catalog.
Additional reading will be announced in class.
13. Notes on Enrolling This course will be delivered through synchronic online teaching. Students need their own computer and headset to attend classes.
14. Syllabus URL Japanese Universities and Students
15. ICL Enrollment Limit 5
16. Language Requirements This course requires a certain level of English proficiency. TOEFL ITP 530 or higher is desirable.
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 100%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees) The first class will be held at Zoom.
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