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YAMAMOTO Kikue “Interpersonal Communication(Japanese) “

Course information

1. Class Subject Global Seminar
2. Class Title Etc. Interpersonal Communication(Japanese)
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor YAMAMOTO Kikue
6. Term/Day/Period SecondSemester/ Monday/ Third Period (13:00-14:30)
7. Language Japanese
8. Class Outline, Objectives This class provides an introductory theory and concept on interpersonal communication and intercultural communication. Through a participatory-based learning, you will have many opportunities to communicate with other students on topics, based on the textbook. You will learn basic tips and preferred attitude for a better communication. At the end, you will make a group presentation, where you apply your learning as you prepare with your teammates, and will get to acquire a sense of accomplishment and team-spirit.
9. Class Schedule 1-2: Orientation; What is communication? What is your communication?
3: 1st chapter, Human relations abilities; 7th chapter, Communication abilities
4: 2nd chapter; Self-acceptance. How is self-esteem influencing your communication with others?
5: 3rd chapter; Emotion control, Importance of holding emotion and judgement
6: Reflection
7: 4th chapter; Creativity and plural views (Start team preparation for presentation)
8: 5th chapter; Self-discipline and mutual dependency
9: 6th chapter; Open-minded
10: Practice of skills *Verbal Communicaiton
11:    “     *Non-verbal communication
12-15: Group presentation; You apply what you have learned through the preparation with your members and also through the presentation.

It's practical and interactive. You will discuss with Japanese students in Japanese about designated topics weekly, as well as practicing communicition skills you learned in class.
10. Evaluation/Assignments Reports (30%), Presentation (70%)
11. Textbooks 「多文化社会のコミュニケーション」 山本喜久江,八代京子 三修社 2020
12. Out of Class Study To be prepared for the class, you are required to read each chapter in advance for discussion in class. At end, each group will be making a presentation, which requires preparation outside of the class. You're expected to study 1 hour or so weekly outside of the class.
13. Notes on Enrolling
14. Syllabus URL Interpersonal Communication(Japanese)
15. ICL Enrollment Limit 3
16. Language Requirements Overseas students with N1 level ofJapanese welcome. You would attain a great sense of accomplishment upon completion of presentation with Japanese students and other students around the world.
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 70%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees)
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