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SENGOKU Yu ”Multi-cultural Assimilation”

Course information

1. Lecture Subject Multi-cultural Awareness

2. Lecture Title Multi-cultural Assimilation
3. Number of Credits 2
4. Eligible Years Undergraduate
5. Instructor SENGOKU Yu
6. Term/Day/Period First Semester/ Monday/ Fifth Period (16:50 -- 18:20)
7. Language of Instruction Japanese
8. Class Outline, Objectives The world is composed of various ethnic groups, cultures, and religions, and each of them has its own history. In today's modern world, which is a composition of these elements, globalization is progressing, and an understanding of these elements is essential for global human resources. In this lecture, we will focus on the Malay Peninsula and the Middle East as a field of multicultural integration, and deepen our understanding of various phenomena such as politics, economics, culture, and daily life from multiple perspectives. In addition, through collaboration between domestic and international students, we aim to form a basis for students to relativize cross-cultural phenomena and to get along well with different cultures.
9. Class Schedule Class 1: Guidance
Class 2: Multicultural coexistence of Malay, Chinese, and Indian people
Class 3: Malaysia in the calendar
Class 4: Guest speaker (former chef at the Embassy of Japan)
Class 5: Group work for the unit's final assignment
Class 6: Presentations and discussion (1)
Class 7: Presentations and discussion (2)
Class 8: Guest speaker (metal manufacturer)
Class 9: An overview of the history of the Middle East
Class 10: Hints for connecting religious and cultural spheres
Class 11: Guest speaker (Middle East studies)
Class 12: Group work for the unit's final assignment
Class 13: Presentations and discussion (1)
Class 14: Presentations and discussion (2)
Class 15: Summary, course survey (in the final 15 minutes)
10. Evaluation/Assignments Group work products (30 points)
Contribution to group work and discussion (30 points)
Mini-essay in each class (30 points)
Mini-report on one topic covered in class (10 points)
11. Textbooks None
12. Out of Class Study Each student (or group) will prepare for the group work by researching the literature and websites on the Internet on the assigned topic. After the group work, each student is required to write a mini-essay in class. [2 credits] At least 60 hours of outside study is required.
13. Notes on Enrolling If you are instructed to prepare for group work, you are expected to do sufficient quality and quantity study before coming to class. Arriving more than 20 minutes late to class will be considered an absence.
14. Syllabus URL Multi-cultural Assimilation (TBA)
15. ICL Enrollment Limit No Limitation
16. Language Requirements The student should be able to understand and discuss the contents of the class in Japanese.
17. Frequency of Intercultural Collaborative Learning Activities 50%
18. Other (Notes for ICL Enrollees) None
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