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Participating Universities

As the administrator, Tohoku University conducts projects based on the latest research achievements in internationalization fields, such as the international education within Japan and abroad and aims to apply them to other educational bodies worldwide, whilst sophisticating and heightening their international compatibility.

  • Tohoku University

    Since its establishment in 1907, Tohoku University has proven itself to be an academic leader, producing a number of achievements under the spirit of Research First, the philosophy of Open Doors, and the policy of Practice Oriented Research and Education, and its aim of contributing to and cultivating global talent.

  • Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

    As a leading institution in the education and research of languages, cultures and societies of the world, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies takes persistent efforts to deepen our understanding of the languages, cultures and societies that encompass human diversity and to train professionals who can serve as mediators between people with different backgrounds.

  • Shinshu University

    Located in Nagano, nestling under the Japan Alps, Shinshu University has been dedicated to fostering promising creative professionals and deepening the collaborative relationship with local communities, which leads up to its contribution to regional development by innovation in various fields.

  • Osaka University

    Since its establishment in 1931, Osaka University has been committed to contribute to social stability and welfare in the community under its motto of “Live Locally, Grow Globally” which the university inherited from Kaitokudo (founded in 1838) and Tekijuku (founded in 1724), a place of learning.

  • Kobe University

    Celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2022, Kobe University is one of Japan’s leading comprehensive universities with 10 faculties and schools, 15 graduate schools, and approx. 16,000 students. With its interconnected multidisciplinary education and research, Kobe University is working towards its ideal of creating “harmony between theory and reality” by cultivating talented professionals who are able to create new values and implement them into society.