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Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

東京外国語大学 Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

~Creating Positive Power from Diversity and Contributing to Intercultural Coexistence~

As a leading institution in the education and research of languages, cultures and societies of the world, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies takes persistent efforts to deepen our understanding of the languages, cultures and societies that encompass human diversity and to train professionals who can serve as mediators between people with different backgrounds.

While the world is becoming smaller and the interaction with various parts of the world activated, there is a rapidly increasing need for accurate and deep understanding differences and for those with the ability to mediate interaction between a variety of people. This need reinforces the highly valuable expertise that TUFS provides in the study of linguistic and cultural diversity. It is our hope, not only to contribute to mediating and coordinating functions, but to take on a leading role in creating positive impact derived from human diversity to lead the world into a brighter future.

There are many “differences” in the world, including differences of language, culture, ethnicity, religion, gender, age, and wealth. In order to overcome all these disparities, it is essential to increase mutual awareness, to deepen understanding of the sources and mechanisms for the differences, and to foster mutual respect. This is the kind of intercultural coexistence we seek. Instead of choosing between exclusion and assimilation, we wish to seek a third way of embracing and working with diversity. Our ability to implement this method will determine what kind of future we will be living in.

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies welcome all students from ICL-Channels participating universities to their interdisciplinary courses on “SDGs” and “Japanese Culture and Society”. Please join these classes in the unique ICL environment as your imagination can help each other to transform the diversity of individuals into positive power!

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    Email : kokusai-kyoten@tufs.ac.jp

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