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Shinshu University

信州大学 Shinshu University

Shinshu University is located in Nagano, renowned for its stunning landscapes nestling under the Japan Alps and 1998 Winter Games. As the only national university bearing the historical name of the province, it has been contributing to regional development. Its five campuses house eight faculties (Arts, Education, Economics and Law, Science, Medicine, Engineering, Agriculture, and Textile Science and Technology) and Interdisciplinary Cluster for Cutting Edge Research (Supra-Materials, Biomedical Sciences, Social Systems, Fiber Engineering, Mountain Science, and Aerospace Systems). Surrounded by the natural beauty, Shinshu University has set a goal of building a sustainable society by actively forging collaborative relationships with the local communities and industries and fostering social contribution with innovation on various fields of distinctive cutting-edge research.

At the Center for Global Education and Collaboration, Shinshu University has committed to multicultural cooperation. It offers unique activities including the “Global Core Competency Program” for students of all faculties, a program to design domestic and international travel plans in collaboration with partner universities and Japanese travel agencies, a program to learn Japanese traditional cultures and disseminate them to the world, and a program of global marketing research jointly with local agricultural machinery manufacturers.

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  • Shinshu University Center for Global Education and Collaboration

    Email : icl-shinshu@shinshu-u.ac.jp

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