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Kobe University

神戸大学 Kobe University

Celebrating its 120th anniversary in 2022, Kobe University is one of Japan’s leading comprehensive universities with 10 faculties and schools, 15 graduate schools, and approx. 16,000 students. With its interconnected multidisciplinary education and research, Kobe University is working towards its ideal of creating “harmony between theory and reality” by cultivating talented professionals who are able to create new values and implement them into society. In its “KU Vision 2030” the university aims to become a global research hub through joint ventures, international programs and ICL courses with universities both in Japan and abroad. Kobe University strives to strengthen students’ ability to adapt to the diverse, complex, and fluid nature of society, developing their leadership skills to enable them to solve both current and future issues.

With its main campus on the hills overlooking Kobe, a port city with captivating charm, Kobe University boasts one of the best night cityscapes in Japan. Through ICL-Channels, we hope to make both the university and the city’s appeal known to people around the world.

Contact information for

  • Students Affairs Department, International Exchange Division
    Kobe University

    Email : stdnt-ryulife@office.kobe-u.ac.jp

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